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  • Oct 2021
    Really nice car. Pretty tidy and comfortable.
    —Clovis D - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Oct 2021
    So far it’s a great car, not too big for a seven seater but still has plenty of space. The kids love the pop up try’s and drinks holder which sits between the two back seats
    —Sara M - 2010 Mazda PREMACY 2.0L 7 Seat
  • Aug 2021
    I’m very happy with it I wasn’t going in to get one but has ended up being a great choice for me and my girls
    —Alana L - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Aug 2021
    Good fuel economy, space and features for the price of the vehicle.
    —Nigel O - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Aug 2021
    Lovely car to drive. Great as we need to take the dog, baby, pram and surfboards, and it has good fuel efficiency. We looked at the odyssey, mpv and the wish and decided this would be best. Did not disappoint
    —Callum H - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Aug 2021
    Lovely and smooth to drive, 5 star safety rating, very good on the fuel. A great family car. Fits our two toddlers and their big carseats in well with lots of room to spare.
    —JASMINE A - 2010 Mazda Premacy S-Package PSD MZR i-Stop
  • Aug 2021
    I've only started driving it, but it's comfortable and easy to drive.
    —Yuki A - 2010 Mazda PREMACY 20E
  • Jul 2021
    Good spacious car, but a lil bit more fuel consumption and yes the reason is its 2.0 ltr engine, overall perfect car for big family or for work because it’s spacious
    —Akshay S - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Jul 2021
    Very good
    —Wilbert J - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Jun 2021
    Is a excellent and easy option for a family car.
    —Nicolas S - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Jun 2021
    I really love my 2010 Mazda primacy cause its really different to all the other vehicles I've had in the past..its a real good tidy family car my friends and family just love it,I recommend this vehicle to any body thats looking for a nice family vehicle 😀
    —Jamie T - 2010 Mazda Premacy 20S
  • Jun 2021
    Great vehicle, cruises comfortably and loads of space. Sliding doors with young kids is an awesome feature - dont think I'll go back to regular doors til they are teenagers!!
    —Jessica R - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • May 2021
    I'm so happy buying my Mazda premacy
    —Joemel V - 2010 Mazda Premacy 20S
  • May 2021
    Great family friendly car, I now have two.
    —Simon M - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Apr 2021
    Excellent car, very comfortable, good power and excellent for families
    —Mary M - 2010 Mazda Premacy Sport 2.0 - 7 Seater
  • Mar 2021
    So far it’s so good My family was love it
    —Jason J - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Feb 2021
    Beautifull car to drive both around town and distance. I have had it for months and cover 2000k. Running like a clock :)
    —Linda C - 2010 Mazda PREMACY 20S
  • Feb 2021
    Good vehicle
    —NAVNEET G - 2010 Mazda Premacy
  • Jan 2021
    Love the automatic sliding doors and the way the middle and back row seats can be manoeuvred in many different ways to suits my requirements
    —James P - 2010 Mazda Premacy 20E
  • Jan 2021
    This car has good amount of room for my 3 kids and my wife and my self
    —Darryn V - 2010 Mazda Premacy
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